River Rat Stained Glass Studio
About Our Business
.     River Rat Stained Glass Studio has been in
business for over twenty years.  Ger and Sue (Gerald
Medenwald and Susan Mack), a husband and wife
team, began the business in 1987.  We were located
in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota, for several
years: first on Kittson Avenue and then on Fourth
Street.  In 1997 we bought a six acre lot north of
Grand Forks and built our present studio.  
We are located ten miles north of Grand Forks near
Manvel, North Dakota.  Driving north from Grand
Forks on I 29, you will see the Manvel exit sign, look
to your right and you will see our sign and business.
River Rat Stained Glass Studio
1582 Freedom Avenue
Manvel, ND  58256
Phone:  701 696 2485
Email:  riverrat200@juno.com